Meet the Intervention's Team

We’re here to help with anything outside of the regular school curriculum, like: Play Therapy, Counselling, Advocacy and Parent / Teacher Relations.  We are a confidential and safe space where parents and kids can come and talk about what’s troubling them.  


Intervention team

Yolanda leads and guides our team, helping us to be the best that we can be.

Yolanda knows that life changing growth doesn’t just happen in school, but also at home as well as in the community.  Relationships and connection are what matters most.



Autumn works with families & children in difficult spaces to get them the resources they need to thrive. She believes that pain is a part of our stories, but it is not who we are. Autumn collaborates with teachers, parents, & children to integrate the brain, body, biology, beliefs & behaviour to create healing spaces at school & at home.



God has given Alechia a desire to work with kids, to guide them through His Word and also through life.  

Alechia is busy helping the current Grade 6 Learners transition from Trinity to High School.  She also provides a safe space for them to go and to express themselves.


Integrative arts psychotherapist

Sarah loves to use her creativity to help people so training as an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist was a great opportunity to do this further. Sarah uses a range of creative methods including art, dance, music, drama, puppets and play to help children and adults deal with struggles they have.

Trinity Children's Centre

Trinity Children’s Centre (TCC), is an independent Primary School that first opened its doors with just one Grade RR class way back in 2012.  The aim was to provide a subsidised, private education to kids living on the Cape Flats. We wanted marginalised families to benefit from a holistic, thoughtful and innovative education aimed to develop character, not just test scores.

Have a look at what some of the staff and parents think about TCC in the videos displayed below.  Thanks for visiting us today, we hope you found what you were looking for.


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