Introduction Leaflet


An introduction to helping your loved one start to talk about their drug abuse problem.


Next Steps


This leaflet contains Inpatient, Outpatient & Detox facilities as well as explaining the difference between Methodone & Saboxone.

A Biblical View of Additions

I’m not an addictions expert, although I’ve worked with many addicts. I am a student and teacher of God’s word. Most of this leaflet is taken from Ed Welch’s book (see Bibliography), and all credit is given to him. This material has been reviewed by an O.T., a Pastor and a Biblical Counsellor, so I’m confident that despite my own limitations what is contained here will be helpful whether you suffer from addictions yourself or are helping a loved one.

Heroin and Pregnancy

Heroin or Methadone use during pregnancy has serious consequences for the mother and baby at all stages of the pregnancy and even post-birth in the developing child. 

This Leaflet will help you to understand the risks to mother and child.


Narcotics Anonymous will help you as a family to engage with your loved one that is drugging.  They will also help addicts who have come clean to stay clean.  Download the leaflet to find the nearest NARANON to you.

Drugs Descriptions

Are you worried someone you love is taking drugs, but don’t know what to look for?  

This booklet describes the most popular drugs used in South Africa at the moment and includes the things that you should be looking for.