Kids Corner has lots of goodies – Bible Stories, Videos, Songs and all sorts of activities made especially with Primary School Kids in mind.

Rend Co Kids have some great music videos. Our favourite of all their songs is "King of Me" - a song that is all about two of our great Bible heroes David and Daniel.

PBS Music Games for kids has lots of games that will help you to learn more about music. Warning - You'll need to be patient it can take a while to load, but it's well worth the wait!

See the notes and chords that make up songs like 'Dance Monkey' on This is the best free online teaching resource that we have been able to find on the internet.

Audio Tool is an incredible on-line mixer with all kinds of music styles for your kids to try out. Warning - this tool is not suitable for younger kids due to its complexity.

dr Seuss

We added this in just because we absolutely love it.  A great mix of music with books!