Homework Guide

“Homework is intended to be a positive experience that encourages children to learn. Teachers assign homework to help students review, apply and integrate what has been learned in class; to extend student’s exploration of topics more fully then class permits; and to help children prepare and recap what they have learned and understand about new content.”

ADHD - A Guide for Parents

“If Ritalin solves ADHD, why would we want to bring God into it?

Well, He made us all in his image and whilst many of the symptoms of ADHD cause us parents and teachers a big headache, we must remember our job is to help this child of God to make good choices. 

We must also see their gifts & encourage their strengths.”

Sleep Routine

“Irregular sleep patterns affect kids’ cognitive abilities (thinking brain), appetite (immune system) and emotions (feeling brain).!
Our bodies have a natural rhythm (internal body clock) which works best when it knows what to expect!  This guide will help you put together your own sleep routine for you and your kids.

Praying Together

It’s difficult to start something new with our families. This A4 leaflet will give you some new ideas so that you can pray together as a family.  It’s a great way to learn about what’s on your child’s heart and mind.

Explaining a Stroke to Your Children

“It’s a difficult time for families and as the grown ups are busy dealing with what happened and what life will look like going forward we can forget that the children will also have questions.”