ADHD For Teachers

“If Ritalin solves ADHD, why would we want to bring God into it?

Well, He made us all in his image and whilst many of the symptoms of ADHD cause us parents and teachers a big headache, we must remember our job is to help this child of God to make good choices. 

We must also see their gifts & encourage their strengths.”

Sensory Processing

Working with traumatised children:

“Why we sometimes need to start with the bodies, rather than with the feelings.”

Sensory Processing II

Working with traumatised children:

Some practical examples for introducing sensory play into the classroom.  Engaging bodies in order to engage minds.

Explaining a Stroke to Children

“It’s a difficult time for families and as the grown ups are busy dealing with what happened and what life will look like going forward we can forget that the children will also have questions.”

Eco-Bricking for Kids

Use this worksheet to introduce your class to the concept of EcoBricks as a way to minimise impacts upon the environment.  It’s child friendly and a great way to get them practically involved in not just thinking about the planet, but also doing something towards reducing land-fill.

Why not plan a class competition, with a prize for the most Eco-Bricks at the end of the year.