“Everyone gets worried…. But for some of us it can become overwhelming! Thankfully the Bible has something to say about worry & can help us to fight those negative thoughts!”

Panic Attacks

“They come suddenly and they overwhelm you! You feel like you’re going to die – your heart is leaping out of your chest and you have nowhere to go!”


“Depression sucks every piece of joy out of us. So being given a list of 15 things to do will feel overwhelming. But take heart! Just choose one and work on that until you conquer it – and then pick another until you conquer that too… and so on….”

Your Marriage

You can’t make your spouse a better dancer, but you can become a better dancer. Even if only one partner improves, the dance improves. Your toes are safer, you stumble less, and you may even enjoy the dance more even though your spouse is never quite in rhythm with you.”

Dealing With A Miscarriage

It’s an unimaginable grief; the death of a child. It’s not supposed to happen that way… parents should die before their children! After the birth of our second daughter, Tina and I wept over the loss of three children we never met; each death made worse by the previous trauma. The weakness felt by a Mom who can’t rescue a dying child is multiplied for a Dad who helplessly walks with her, unable to save either of them!

Sleeping during Pregnancy

There are lots of reasons why you may be struggling to sleep during pregnancy.  This leaflet will give you a few tips and tricks to hopefully get you sleeping better before the little one appears.

Childhood Abuse

If you suffered sexual abuse as a child it will leave a mark upon you – whether it’s in your current relationship or your relationship with your Mom or your children.  No matter how hard we try to ignore it, it bubbles away under the surface.

The leaflet based on a blog by Ed Welch will help you to regain your sense of identity and move forward with hope.  We hope to show you that you are not alone.

What to do with my debt

Debt is a part of life here in Mitchell’s Plain… But if we’re not careful we can lose track of all our debts and suddenly the threat of a court judgement will be hanging over our heads.  

This leaflet will help you to manage your debt, rather than it manage you!